To purchase tokens you need:

Start an Ethereum wallet.
Refill it
Make an ETH transfer to our wallet
1. Start an Ethereum wallet.
The easiest way is Meta Mask, which is an extension for the browser.
You can install MetaMask for browsers: Chrome; Firefox Opera;

Official site – https://metamask.io/

You can find it here:
Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/ → Search: Metamask → Install.
Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en/firefox/addon/ether-metamask/ → Add to Firefox
Opera: Opera add-ons → Search: Metamask → Add to Opera.

After creating a purse, be sure to keep the secret key on paper in several places. It is very important. Do not be negligent.

ATTENTION: Do not transfer ETH from the purse of exchangers and exchanges to our wallet. In this case, you will not receive your tokens. In this paragraph, the instruction how to replenish YOUR wallet, not ours.

The easiest way is exchangers. The list can be found here https://www.bestchange.ru/

On the left in the green box, select what you want to change.
In our case, in the second window (“GET”) select Ethereum (ETH).
Then in the list on the right, select the exchanger itself. The very first line is the best course at the moment. Pay attention to the minimum amount of the transfer. And also on the testimonials. Be careful. We only give instructions for replenishing the wallet.

The second method of replenishment is the stock exchange. When choosing an exchange, be sure to study it by browsing the information about it. Find out in what ways you can replenish the exchange, what commission to withdraw funds from the purse of the exchange to your wallet. The simplest exchange we know is https://yobit.net/en/. This is just information, we can not guarantee the operation of this exchange. In it you can make money through QIWI.
ATTENTION: Do not transfer ETH from the purse of exchangers and exchanges to our wallet. In this case, you will not receive your tokens.

The personal cabinet in the large window with a gray background and a black frame shows the Etherium Wallet.

This is the number of our wallet. translate ETH to this number.

Below this window is your profile. There, too, there is an Etherium Wallet window – here insert your YOUR wallet number. And click refresh.

The Tokens Rebon (RBN) window does not need to be filled!

After transferring ETH to our wallet, within 48 hours, the tokens are credited in the personal account in the “Tokens MonsterBit (MB)” window. Your tokens will be listed on your wallet at the end of Crowdsale.

If the tokens do not appear, write us one of the following contacts.
Telegrams – @rebons support (https://t.me/rebonssupport)
VK – www.vk.com/rebonsio
Email: support@rebons.net

Legendary Egg – 1000 RBN
Mythic egg – 150 RBN
Rare Egg – 50 RBN
Regular egg – 10 RBN

Buying an egg you get only an increased chance to get the figure of the necessary rarity, but it never equals 100%.

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