Why our game is the best

A strong leader, and behind him a strong team. Winners of many programming competitions work with us in our team C#, PHP, Solidity coders


Experience developing and publishing games on Steam, Play Market, App store


A huge community of our players numbering more than 100,000 from around the world


We develop and support all our games for more than 3 years

Rebons — is a clone of a well-known crypto-game with very interesting additions. We did not reinvent the wheel. We took a successful project and made it stronger in terms of functionality and more vivid in terms of design. To normal breeding and unique DNA we added character feeding, Pre-G figures with unique properties, arena with playing tokens and shelter, as well as Desktop client and a mobile application on Android through which you can look after your pets anywhere, sell and buy them from your smartphone and play with a friend on one of the pets or tokens by tapping just a couple of buttons.

Round 1 : 2 000 000 RBN

We accept ETH
1 RBN = 0.0001 ETH


* Currency | 1 RBN = 0.0001 ETH | Softcap 500 000 RBN - Hardcap 2 000 000 RBN
1 RBN = 0.0001 ETH 4%

My figures are inventory where your figures and eggs are stored.

Marketplace – buy or sell pieces.

In the screenshot, you see the Pre-G figures, they are generated in a limited number and will be available during the second and third stages of the ICO, such a figure will collect commissions from the trading floor, shelter and arena and send interest to its owner.

* The percentage and number of places from which a figure receives a commission depends on its rarity.

At any time you can expose your figure for sale or buy a special breeding potion, but you will need 2 pieces.

Unlike other startups, we already have a ready game and collect money only for the implementation of the web interface and applications for all possible operating systems.

to 01.05.2018

PreSale Round 1
⦁ Sale: 2 million. ⦁ Price: 0.1 ETH / 1000RBN ⦁


⦁ Prototype of the architecture of the system
⦁ Prototype of the design of the playground ⦁ Implementation of the contract Pre-G figures

10.06.2018 - 11.07.2018

PreSale Round 2
⦁ Sale: 4 million. ⦁ Price: 0.25 ETH / 1000RBN


Beta version
⦁ Realization of the MVP of the playground
⦁ Shop of figures⦁ The implementation of the contract of storing DNA figures
Implementation of the algorithms for generating figures ⦁ Debugging and stabilizing the application


⦁ Sale: 6 million. ⦁ Price: 1 ETH / 1000RBN


Ready game - Rebons: Blockchain

Meet our team

5 people who ensure the performance of duties for many years. Rebons: Blockchain
Tony Zaliv

Tony Zaliv

CEO, Marketing

Head of the largest Riga studio for creating sites and applications

Alexandr Muhin

Alexandr Muhin

Marketing Specialist

a marketer from Riga worked in the team for Tony Bay for 4 years, a great experience in advertising applications and websites

Igor Suhno

Igor Suhno


The programmer knows C#, C++, Java, Solidity with 15 years of experience, we really appreciate Igor in our team.

Evgeny Zaharov

Evgeny Zaharov

Team lead

the team leader participated in the development of several major games such as Cossacks and stalker

Steam game team

Steam game team

Rebons: Steam

Publisher - Maxim Kauman
C# Developer - Yuri Baz
CEO - Roman Vigun
Designer - Svetlana Belchenko
Designer - Vladimir Ivanov

More than 10 translators
More than 30 testers


Emission: 15 million tokens. 2.6 million team. 12 million for sale. 400 thousand Bounty
1 Round

1 Round

2.000.000 RBN

Sale: 2 million
Price: 7.0$ for 100 RBN
Bounty: 200 thousand

2 Round

2 Round

4.000.000 RBN

Sale: 4 million
Price: 18.0 $ for 100
Bounty: 100 thousand

3 Round

3 Round

6.000.000 RBN

Sale: 6 million
Цена: 36.50$ for 100 RBN
Bounty: 100 thousand

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